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The SEO Alphabet (a Really Useful Infographic)

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SEO remains a mystery for many people who aren’t involved with it every day.

If you work in the internet marketing industry, you’ll be familiar with the glazed expression that appears on people’s faces when you start talking about Google penalties (until they’re the victim, of course), nofollow links and meta description tags.

But if you’re on the other side of the fence and you’ve just started taking a keen interest in SEO and all that comes with it, you’ll probably appreciate the infographic we’ve just published in a new blog post.

It runs through each letter of the alphabet and lists SEO terminology related to each letter.

A=Anchor text, B=Backlink, C=Content.

You get the idea.

It’s aimed at the newbie, so it that’s you, take a look.


Author: Stephen Duckworth

Helping small businesses, freelancers and bloggers with WordPress, web design, SEO, blogging and social media.

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